how long someone following twitch

How long you have been following someone on Twitch!

The time flies faster if we are having a good time with someone. Years pass in months; months pass in days; days pass in seconds; we are with the person of our interest. Same logic implements on twitch. If you follow a streamer and enjoy all of his broadcasts, then there is no count for…
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block unbock twitch

How to block and unblock someone on Twitch?

Twitch is a very large platform with millions of users. You can follow the streamers you like and unfollow them. With such a large number of people, thousands of viewers and streamers are chatting and interacting with each other whether it is during their stream or they are not streaming. But things never go smoothly…
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unfollow people on twitch

How to unfollow someone on Twitch?

Twitch is a vast platform that includes numerous streamers and broadcasters. We can follow the number of streamers we like. But our likes and dislikes indeed go on changing. It is possible that the video and streamer we like at the instance, after some time we don’t like him and ignore his/her videos. It’s time…
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grow on twitch for beginners

How to Grow on Twitch | Complete Guide For Twitch Beginners!

Growing your channel on a platform with top streamers and has separate fan base is a very difficult task. And if we talk about followers and views, we need to work very hard to compete with the streamers and provide our viewers our best to divert them from other competitors. But going to the main…
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