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The time flies faster if we are having a good time with someone. Years pass in months; months pass in days; days pass in seconds; we are with the person of our interest. Same logic implements on twitch. If you follow a streamer and enjoy all of his broadcasts, then there is no count for the time. But sometimes, we become curious to check how long we have been following a person. Is there any method to check that for us? 

The answer is yes. Twitch provides a great tool to find the date when you have started following any channel. This article will help you find the date, how long you have been following any medium. 

Twitch follow date tool: 

twitch follow date tool

To find the following date twitch center follow date tool is a fantastic tool that tells us about the date when we have started following any channel on twitch. It is easy to use and tells us the accurate time and date of the following. To find the date on the twitch date tool, one has to follow four basic steps: 

  1. Open your browser, whether it is googling, opera, or any other browser.
  2. Search for the twitch follows date tool. Here is the link for your ease: your username.
  3. Enter the name of the channel you follow. 

Brief description for each step: 

  • Open up any browser no matter which device you are using, and it will work on any browser; what you need is the internet. 
  • Type the link in your browser window, and the tool will open. You can also click on this link; it will direct you to the twitch follow date tool; you do not need to open your browser and type. 
  • There you will see two rectangular boxes, one for username while the other for the channel name. Now enter your username and the channel you want to check for. Then press check date. You can also copy-paste your username and channel name you follow if you cannot remember the name and channel. Remember must that from this platform, you can also check the tracked date by any user for any channel. If you are curious how long another person is following any medium, you can find this using the twitch follow tool.
  • After pressing the check date button, this tool will tell you the date you have been following any channel. This is the simplest method one can use to know the duration of the following. 

Alternate Method: 

Suppose the streaming channel is activated via Streamlabs. For checking your date of following, you need to write a command in the chatbox. The command is ! followage. And a bot will answer you with the date from which you have been following that channel. Moreover, you can find the other user’s following by typing their name with the extension of command such as !following username. This will tell the date for the user, how long he has been following the channel. 

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Why would anyone want to see how long he/she is following someone? 

When you have followed any channel for a long time, you are curious how long you have followed that channel. There can be many reasons, maybe you want to check that for your interest, or you have thought that it is time to help the streamer and give donations; it will be beneficial for those streamers who are new to twitch and are looking for the affiliate. Or it can also be possible that the streamer has offered some rewards to the loyal viewers, especially those who have followed him for a long time. 

twitch gameplays

As a streamer, you can also want to check how long a follower has been following you. There can be many reasons for checking, firstly to check the loyalty of your viewers, secondly to give rewards, and thirdly you may want to check the legitimacy of your followers. Sometimes people use bots to follow others, so it is essential to check whether the follower is legitimate or not. 

How to check which channels you are following: 

There are several ways to check the channels we are following on twitch. Open the twitch browser or app using username and password. The screen number of twitch channels will appear, but you have to go to the purple bar on the top of the screen and click on the option named “following” present next to the twitch logo. After clicking on the following, select the channel option. A list of followed channels will appear. Here the most recent followed channels will appear on the top. On the left of the screen, a list of the followed streamers with their names will appear. The live tracks will be present on the top, then offline channels, and then the least viewed channels will be present at the bottom. 

Benefits of following a streamer: 

There are two benefits to following a streamer. Firstly, it acts as a bookmark; the person we follow appears at the top of all streams, so we never miss any broadcast from our favorite streamer. Secondly, to help streamers to boast up on twitch. Those streamers with a more significant number of followers got more subscriptions and grew fast. As a result, their income increases.

Follow notifications on twitch: 

Notifications are sent by twitch whenever any channel you followed is going live. A pop message may appear on the follower screen that tells that he is going live and the content about which the broadcast will be and direct the follower to that channel by giving an option to click. 

If you are not live and not using the twitch app, but twitch is connected to your phone, a push notification will appear if notification is allowed for cramp in the settings. 

Twitch will also notify us by the email provided by us. By any chance, if we are not receiving the twitch notifications, make sure that notifications for twitch are on in the settings of your phone.

While for the desktop, press the bell icon present on the channel; it will notify you of the coming live streams. To know about the detailed settings of notification, go to your account settings and turn on intelligent notifications in the notification section. 


Twitch provides several options to its user to stay connected and notified every time. Even the possibility of finding the date since we have started following any channel on twitch is giving a command in the chat section. But there is a tool that is easy to use, and we can know our starting date of the following anyone in minutes. For further information, twitch allows us to turn on the notifications for the transmission of any incoming event. Twitch also helps check the channels we are following to give the command to check starting date of following in the chatbox of a specific channel.


Sometimes you are curious how long you have been following a channel, you want to win the rewards announced by the streamers for their loyal followers, or you want to give a donation and help to the new streamer; for that purpose, you need to know the date when you had started following the specific streamer. This article has provided all the steps to see the date since when you have followed someone. I hope this article would be helpful to you.


Since how long have I been on twitch? 

By installing the better twitch tv (BBTV) in your browser, you can quickly check when you have created your account. Sometimes the moderators and admins of channels can tell your date for the account creation by clicking on your name, but this method is not as effective.

How many people follow me on twitch?

To find that how many people follow you on twitch. Go to the profile page of your channel and click on the followers; you will get to know the count of your followers. 

How to check whom I am following on twitch? 

Log in to your click account, and from the home screen, click on the top left button named followers; it will direct you to the list of streamers you are following with their count.

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