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Telegram is as we all know a messaging application. It gives users an instant communication medium anywhere in the world. That free application is now winning more and more users nowadays. The main reason is a short reason that just happened. Let’s take a view of how it happened that WhatsApp is about to ignore by people. What exactly WhatsApp did that offended people a little bit. The real and genuine reasons are given below destroying all the rumors.

So the story begins with the term “Privacy Policy”. According to international internet-related laws, it is important. It is mandatory for every website, application, and software to mention their privacy policies. The privacy policy is a set of guidelines for users, under which people use the media. Every application has different privacy policies. The main from these set rules is the rule about user data. The personal user data is really private and crucial for any organization.

whatsapp privacy policy telegram

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Similarly, it may be used against any of the user to blackmail or steal the personal information. So, the applications have assured people that everything will be end-to-end encrypted. Apparently, it means that the information, while travelling, won’t be cracked at all. No one in the world is able to steal or hack the data being transferred with complete encryption. It’s a inevitable protocol that is used to secure data and transfer safely.

It is interesting to note that, not even the relevant authorities can break that. This is something that is clearly mentioned in every privacy policy statement. Now, what WhatsApp exactly did? The authorities of WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy guidelines a lot. Most importantly, the chat is still end-to-end encrypted, but now WhatsApp can see the messages. Yes, now WhatsApp is legally watching all of our moves. They have brought the privacy of many business chats at stake. People are not feeling safe anymore here on that platform.

But, Telegram has not done anything like that. You can chat with everyone anywhere, with no way of breaking the chat. That’s why thousands of chats are now shifting to this platform and it has started growing. We do not know why the authorities of WhatsApp did that to their users. Likewise, people have started complaining about the terms and conditions of that app. Finally, we can say regardless of the past, Telegram is now more recommended and the best alternate possible!

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