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TikTok has an aim to spread joy and positivity through creativity. Users record themselves after putting different effects and filters they share ideas with their followers. People connect from all over the world, through the section of For You part. This is how talent gets discovered by viewing their content which is set to the public while uploading. Depending on your interest, you’ll be shown videos that you’ll love to watch and share with your friends.

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That For You section is a medium for the latest video clips that are now trending on that specific day. That recommendation system works on AI-based technology which is really selective in suggesting videos to other users. It is interesting to note that suggestion is diverse according to the number of users of TikTok. Yes, every feed is different for different users, and they are well-shuffled so the audience may not lose interest. It’s a burning question for TikTokers that how they can get the position in For You feed? The reason why it is being taken so seriously because it can take the views and likes to the next level. Videos get viral merely by appearing in that section, where people love to discover new uploads.

What are the Major Factors to Appear on “For You”.

Nowadays, social media revolves around artificial intelligence-based recommendations. These are really crucial for a profile to get noticed and win followers. This is an easy way to draw public attention and increase the overall engagement of your profile. This is how different search engines work, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. It brings about a more personalized and authentic experience.

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Generally, such technology first get data of what you want. By taking into consideration your followers and videos that you’ve liked and commented before, user preference can be judged. This is how bots know, or guess it already what will you skip and what will you’d like to watch. Such recommendation factors are mysterious, but can be formulated in to the following aspects, according to the marketing experts,

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  • User Interaction: Videos you like and share, people you follow, and most importantly the niche of your own content that you upload.
  • Video Information: The details about any particular video like hashtags, moving captions, etc.
  • Location & Device: In the territory, you live in, you are most likely to get suggestions to follow people living in that same region. Likewise, language preferences are one of the most influential factors to show stuff with respect to your language you speak and understand.
  • Miscellaneous: Your device and account settings also impart a direct effect on AI preferences. Either you are interested in longer videos or short videos, you’ll be shown both if you finish each and every video you watch.

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All such factors are being used by TikTok to add value to the profiles of the users, and for the best experience possible. If one gets the chance to start appearing in For You feed of different users after a perfect shuffle, it is more likely that is the turning point. Depending on your quality of content either people will follow you or they’ll ignore your stuff. So, make sure that the videos you upload are worth watching, giving useful information, not criticizing anybody, and above all they are entertaining. Such tricks have worked for people and made them went viral within a period of days.

Personalized Field Curation in For You Tab

Getting Started

Now one may think, what if I am the new user, what TikTok will do to suggest me stuff even without knowing my interests? You would have noticed that you first logged in, you were asked about interests. Like what type of videos you would love to watch either pets, psychological facts, informational stuff, sad songs, and comedy clips, etc. After that data collection, you’ll observe that only type of videos are showing up and gradually you’ll like or dislike material which will keep on changing that feed for you.

If you’ve skipped that part, then you’ll notice videos that by popular TikTokers having millions of followers. Videos that are highly ranked and getting other’s attention will most probably appear in your timeline. In order to keep ball rolling, you’ll have generalized suggestions which will work out for anyone.

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Videos that You Don’t Like

That platform is full of different kinds of videos, which may or may not like at the same time. Now, for some reason, if you see a video in your timeline that you don’t care about, you can long-press on that video and mark it as uninterested. This will be recorded for the future recommendation system, too, in order to avoid it for you. And for some reason, you find any content a bit controversial, then you can report it freely and your name will be kept hidden. The moderators will decide either that particular video is worth sharing or not.

A Few Problems with Recommendation System

While you will do all such personalization on TikTok, it is most likely that in the near future homogeneous stuff will only show on your feed. This can lead to boredom by watching same kind of videos over and over again. Experts have termed it as “filter bubble”, and TikTok is working over it to avoid that problem.

Diverse Content in #ForYou Feed

The system is always working to keep things diverse. You’ll come to know that videos from the same creator or with the same sound are not repetitive. Content that is duplicated or spam won’t show on For You side, but, you’ll receive suggestions with the same interest as another user. The whole story revolves around one and the only thing which is to show the stuff of different variety and entertaining.

Diversifying Recommendation

With different interests, it’s good to diversify content in order to get people close together. It makes sense if you are being recommended a video that have thousands of likes but of no interest in you, because of this AI based system. It’ll be the good cause to stumble upon the content which is being watched and loved all over the place. TikTok provides the better sense of experience by that type of system to make things varied and others may get the number of views and likes they deserve.

The real attention and engagement are really crucial for TikTok video uploaders. The attention is what they deserve and ask for, which can provide them with livelihood. That’s why TikTok always try to include other talent by using this feed. If any video goes viral it can change someone’s life, the one who actually deserves that.

Making the Viewing Experience More Secure

There’s always the reviewed content that we see at TikTok, which might not be suitable for various ages. For the general audience, it has kept under consideration not to suggest any shocking video. Similarly, such kind insidious, spammy, or unreviewed videos are not eligible to appear in #ForYou.

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