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What Do We Mean By Saying Instagram Verification?

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Instagram verification represents people that are notable public figures. Elements having more than usual fame and recognition or have a global brand get that badge. We can see many public accounts where there is a blue tick on profiles. Not only on Instagram, but these ticks are also visible on Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter, too. That badge ultimately confirms that the person is authentic, and the account is not fake or dummy.

Such ticks make regular users be sure that he’s trustworthy. In that way, all the celebrities all around the world have profiles to stand out, and people can follow such brands or personalities without any hesitation. Moreover, when people search them by names they are highest ranked in the results and can be easily fetched. Such badges are rare, and that’s why they have really of great importance to show status symbols.

Brands having such tick marks enhance customers’ engagement throughout their use. Likewise, they share and upload quality content over their profiles that attract more users and help them to get high conversion rates, if it’s a business account of a particular brand.

Who is Eligible To Get Verified Badge?

criteria for instagram blue mark

Instagram has proved to be very picky and selective while awarding that badge to its users. Many of the users sometimes get such blue marks on Facebook, Twitter, but not here on Instagram. Experts have revealed that Instagram has kept it a bit mysterious, even if you think you have that many followers that can be regarded as “notable”.

Ae we told you before, Instagram is kind of blunt, and allows very few celebrities and brands that check mark, there are possibilities of having that. After a deep study by marketers, there are a few conclusions that are withdrawn in order to be eligible for this,

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  1. Authentic: You must be the real person, having an account with your own profile picture. Your biodata, your date of birth, your location, each and everything should be true. Moreover, you’ll be asked for the verification of all those aspects. So, make sure that you provide all such details that are true to your knowledge.
  2. Unique: You can’t have more than one account to have that verified badge. In other words, your account either for a brand or yourself should be only one. They dislike having multiple accounts, operation for the same person or the organization, at the same time.
  3. Complete: Overall your account should be complete. It means that whatever the information is required by Instagram, it should be provided. You must have uploaded content, like pictures or videos over it, that’s necessary.
  4. Public: Your account can’t be private to other users, it be public to all users of Instagram. You can change your private account to public in your settings tab, in order to qualify for this.
  5. Notable: Well, here lies the rub. There’s no criteria specifically described by Instagram, but you need to make sure that you already have at least, thousands of followers and you are being searched a lot over Instagram.

If you think that you fulfill all those things that are described, that we highly encourage you apply for that badge. It will take a while by the authorities to thoroughly go through your profile to make sure everything is up to their standard or not. Now the answer to the question, that how you can apply for verification, if you meet this criteria?

Steps to Follow for Applying Instagram Verification Tick

Before we start, kindly note that each and every step matters, so follow them very carefully,

Instagram six steps for verification
  1. On the top right corner tap the “hamburger icon”, after visiting your Instagram profile.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. You’ll see account, click on that.
  4. Here you’ll see the option of “Request Verification”. Select this option.

5. Complete the application form, that’ll ask the following

  • Your full name, that is mention in your NIC (National Identity Card).
  • Your nickname/working name/known as (If you have any).
  • Choose your area of interest/Industry (blogger, actor, politician, engineer, etc.)
  • Take a good picture of your government-provided identity card and upload it there. If you are applying it for a brand, then utility bills or incorporate taxes will also be needed.
  • And all done, by tapping on the send button.

After that, you’ll have a pop-up in your notification section, where it’ll be confirmed that your application has submitted. And like we discussed earlier, it’ll take a while can take a few weeks. After that time span, you’ll receive a straightforward yes or no. Remember, never try to buy that service from anyone. Because it’s nothing more than a scam they have no approach towards Instagram and they can’t force authorities to award you a badge for sake of money.

Monitor for Fake Accounts

Definitely, there will be accounts of your name or your brand name to distract your audience. So, if you finally win to get a verification badge, it’ll ultimately be bad for such imposters. You can also report such accounts to Instagram because it is just hurting your reputation. Hope that article will help you get that checkmark, have a nice day!

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