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Twitch is a versatile platform and offers all types of entertainment, but advertisements destroy the whole mood of viewers. At the same time, watching a stream is very irritating if something interrupts. Although ads are essential for both streamer and twitch, they are still most annoying and gives the worst watching experience. While you are watching e-sports matches intensively and a 30 second Ad bombarded, it feels intrusive. The solution for this problem is either blocking these ads or viewing streams on YouTube, which ruins the whole concept of live streaming. Here is a guide to get rid of these Ads: 

What are Twitch Ads: 

Ads on Twitch are the small pop-ups by the other companies that pay for them. This allows streamers to earn cash when their viewers view that advertisement. Twitch ads are usually videos that be of 5 seconds to 30 seconds large. They can also appear with the skip option after 5 seconds. These ads are usually about a new game or movie, which is about to launch. 

How to block Ads on Twitch: 

Most websites need their viewers to watch ads to earn money. Twitch is also one of them. Twitch has already used some tricks to circumvent some ad blockers, but the user of ad blockers gets the least ads. The Easiest and efficient way to block ads is using an ad blocker extension on our browser. Ad’s blockers are third-party extensions that block ads from showing up. Ad-block extensions are mostly free, but sometimes it costs. For blocking ads on Twitch, use one of the following methods : 

  • Use an ad block extension. 
  • Watch twitch streams on another platform like “”. 
  • Use a VPN while viewing streams on Twitch. 
  • Subscribe to the channel or use twitch turbo. 

Blocking Ads by Ad-block extensions: 

To block ads on Twitch, viewers must find a good Ad block extension. For that purpose, we suggest “AdBlock Plus,” which is a free and most reliable extension. Here are some steps to add this extension to your browser. This extension works for chrome, Firefox, and edge. 

  • First, open your browser and search for AdBlock Plus or click on this link; it will direct you to the AdBlock Plus website: on the option “GET ADBLOCK PLUS FOR CHROME” it will direct us to the main extension page. 
  • After clicking, a new window will open in chrome, which will allow reading all the information about the AdBlock plus extension. Click on the option “ Add to chrome” on the top right of the window to add an extension to your browser. 
  • A pop will appear for your confirmation; click to confirm. 
  • What you have to do now is restarting your browser. It will activate right after addition; you can adjust the settings by the option present on the right corner of your browser. 
  • You can also use ad-block extensions, such as Ad-lock, AdGuard, Twitch Ad-Blocker, and Ublock origin. 

How to fix if Ad-block is not working: 

fix adblock

If your adblocker stops suddenly and your ads again started appearing, then here are some tips to fix them. 

  • Update the adblocker extension in your browser. The extension you are using for ad-blocking may have expired; type “chrome:// extensions” in the chrome bar; it will show all the extensions and select the option to update all. Then restart the browser and check whether the ad blocker is working or not. 
  • Try an alternate ad blocker such as AdLock, which works for Twitch and all the websites. Or try another ad blocker like AdGuard, Ad-Blocker, and many others are available in the market.
  • Change your browser and install an ad block extension there to watch twitch streaming. 
  • If none of the above is selected, then try to report the ads; it will temporarily disable them from showing up. 

Using VPN to block ads: 

VPN secures our IP online, and it also blocks ads from appearing. Use “Nord VPN”; it is the best VPN of all times to block the ads for Twitch. Using this VPN select the countries that do not support the ads to stop seeing ads. 


Watch twitch streams on other platforms; they block ads from appearing and allow their users to watch multiple channels at once. You have to type the name of the channel you want to watch in the search bar. You can also try other alternatives for this, such as MultiTwitch, Twitch Theater, etc. 

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Subscribe to the Twitch channel: 

twitch channel subscription

If you are watching some of the channels, then you can subscribe to them. It will allow you to watch ads-free streams and will also help the streamer financially. 

Twitch Turbo: 

Subscribe to twitch turbo, and it will allow you to watch all of your favorite channels with the rare possibility of ads appearing. 

How to block twitch ads on Android and IOS: 

You can block ads on android devices following these steps:

  • First, download any ad block app from the play-store, such as AdLock and AdGuard apps. 
  • Open the app and activate it. 
  • These applications will block all the ads while you are watching your favorite streamers. 

For an, I phone, these ad blockers will be useless. They will work only if you are watching the twitch streams via Safari. 


We know that all the websites earn through advertisements, and it is not that bad. But when these advertisements start to bother us, then they deserve to be blocked. By watching these advertisements, we can help our streamers to earn some money. Unfortunately, Twitch does not provide an option to block these advertisements other than subscribing to the channel. However, there are other ways to block those bothersome ads. 


Blocking ads may reduce the income of your favorite streams, but during tense and exciting moments, advertisements ruin our mood. We have provided all the possible solutions to help you in ads-free streaming. Using ads block extensions, twitch turbo, and many other options, you can block ads from appearing. I hope this article would be helpful to you. 


Does twitch turbo costs? 

Yes, its monthly subscription cost is $8.9, with the fantastic features of changing chat colors, numerous emojis, and username colors. 

Does AdBlock work on Twitch? 

Yes, AdBlock block all types of advertisements on the browser, including Twitch. It is flawless at blocking, but those ads which are given by streamers, sometimes show. 

Adblocker is not working on Twitch? 

Update the ad-block extensions, or replace it with any other ad blocked, or change your browser and install the AdBlock extensions in it. Then enjoy streaming on Twitch through that browser. 

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