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Nowadays, it is very challenging being a streamer. Thousands of streamers are broadcasting at the same time to get new followers and attract more viewers and subscribers. For a new broadcaster, it is challenging to attract viewers and make people follow and subscribe to them. The most effective method to drive people to visit and like your channel is giveaways. The best weapon for making people follow us on twitch is giveaways, but we can’t say that those who follow us because of our giveaways are our fans. This article is to help you making giveaways on twitch.

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Why would people engage with you by giveaways? 

Speaking honestly, everyone likes the free stuff, whether it is from the lottery or any means, but the point is if it is free for us. Whether it is a cycle to the range rover, if it is free, you would like it from the minors to majors. The twitch acts like that when they get something free of charge. 

For a newbie on twitch, he must focus on a targeted audience and know the principle of giveaways. If he wants people to follow him, listen to him, and be his fan’s giveaways is the best option for him.

Rules to do giveaways :

For a streamer who wants to enhance his community, it’s a must to know the Twitch rules on giveaways. Does twitch allow giveaways, what type of giveaways are permitted, and how to do giveaways? This information must be consulted.

Firstly twitch does not have specific rules for giveaways. It does not have particular sentiments, but it does stipulate that a streamer must do giveaways in legal ways. For example, if you do a giveaway to some subs, you have encountered yourself in legislation issues. For giveaways following considerations should be taken: 

rules on giveaway
  • If giveaways require people to subscribe to our channel first and get rewards from us, it is illegal. 
  • Giveaways do not require any skill of viewers because it is not a competition. 
  • Every entry for the giveaways should have equal access. Applicants using luck should not get special favor from you. 
  • No illegal things like alcohol, tobacco, and other things against the state’s rules are allowed. 
  • Specific terms and conditions for giveaways should be applied. 
  • If you are out of the goods, still coordinator is responsible for giving out the prizes to the winners. 

Making a giveaway on twitch: 

Here is the proper guidance to make giveaways on twitch; follow these steps: 

  • Sign in to your account, whether using an app or website, using a username and password. 
  • From the menu, click on the community option. And then, from the community, click on giveaways. 
  • At the bottom of the screen, an option named create giveaways will be present. Click on that option. 
  • Then choose how your viewers will enter the giveaways. It will give two options first, by typing a keyword in chat, and second, by guessing random numbers in conversation. 
  • (*) with this option, users will enter in the giveaways by typing keywords, for example, #giveaways, and you can edit keywords in the chat.
  • You will set a range for a random number, and a bot will generate a random number for you, the first person who will guess that random number will be the winner. 
  • Click create an option to create giveaways. 
  • Now your viewers will start interacting for giveaways; those who have enabled whispers will get a notification from the bot as a confirmation. 
  • The bot will declare the winner right after any viewer has entered the correct number for the random number. 

Advance options for giveaways:

You can have more options that are advance to use by clicking on the button named show advance options. 

One can restrict or giveaways to our subs or can give them a priority for winning. Using Moobot’s tire system, you can provide your subs more advantages. But this practice is illegal in twitch and against the rules and policy. 

Running of Giveaways: 

  • Keep your screen off and make your giveaway.
  • After completing a giveaway, you will be directed to the management menu, where you can see the current status of your giveaway. 
  • The screen shooting option for the management menu helps you show viewers the giveaway’s current representation. 
  • By the speaker icon, you can make announcements for the viewers and guide them about interacting with giveaways.
  • For the keyword typing giveaway, first, let all the viewers complete their entry and then click on the button named “draw entrant,” you can then decide whom to announce as a winner. 
  • For a random number entry, Moobot will determine who is the winner as soon as any viewer types the correct number. 
  • After getting the winner to announce the results directly on your stream, click archive to end. 

View archived giveaways:

  • Sign in to your account by using your username and password. 
  • From the main menu, click on the community option. From the community, click on the giveaways button. 
  • At the bottom of the menu, you will find the view archive button. 
  • Scroll and find the giveaway you want to view, and click on the eye icon next to it to view.
  • A separate menu will be displayed by showing the details of that giveaway. 

Final winners decision:

The decision for the giveaway winner is up to you entirely. Most of the streamers take this decision by observing whether a viewer is still their follower on the stream, or maybe they are just roaming around their chatbox. You can see the following status and chat history of all the viewers and winners of the giveaway. 

For the keyword typing giveaways, it all your choice, whom to decide the winner. But for the random number entry, you will have to redo the giveaway to select another viewer. 

You can accept or deny the viewer as a winner; after accepting, Moobot will direct them to processed drawn entrants. You can announce in chat the starting time of the entrant and taking of it. 

After choosing the winner, you can claim their giveaway to make sure that they are still around. We can announce our giveaway in the twitch chat. You can also select Moobot to announce the giveaway, total entries in the conversation. And you can customize according to you. You can also determine who can enter your giveaway, whether it is a user group, a tier, or anyone. You can schedule your giveaways, starting and ending date, and time in the advance option. You can also reuse your giveaways. 

Things to consider when making a Giveaway: 

If you have involved random prizes in the giveaway, they might not yield results. No matter how expensive an item you are using, it is useless if it is not relevant to your audience. If you want to grow as a streamer and get your followers, you must consider the following things to make a giveaway: 

  • You must know your audience. By creating polls on social media, you can learn about their interest. Offering them the things that they crave will make you the circle of their attention. 
  • By promoting your content on twitch, you can add things that are custom made, it will not only attract your viewers to your giveaways, but it will create their interests for the future. 
  • The giveaways you offer must not be expensive, but they can be demanding and creative. One must have to start from small then take more significant steps gradually. 

What should be included in giveaways: 

  • If you can’t even afford them, consoles, and equipment giveaway, you can reach out to sponsors to invest for you. 
  • Game giveaways, purchase games, and reward them to viewers. 
  • Game currency and items, if you can legally trade in the game, you can send them to your viewer gaming account. 
  • If you can design specific things, you can visit your follower’s serve and build something for them. 
  • Ask them to give you ca physical challenge as a reward, and you will complete it. 
  • You can discord the perks as a reward. 
  • You can offer winners to play with you on the live stream. And make sure that they will follow the rules for your channel. 
  • Creating a server for your fans will be the best reward for the winners of the giveaway. 
  • Game keys and secret codes sharing. 
  • You can offer art or specific skill to the viewers as a giveaway. 


Twitch gives its streamers multiple options to grow their channel and increase their follower list. One of the most effective methods is making giveaways for your viewers and engage their interest in you. But there are some rules and regulations one must have to follow. Giveaways can include multiple options to reward winners. It is up to us what we offer and how much we research to find the interest of our viewers. 


Making a giveaway on twitch is not tricky. And in most cases, it provides enjoyable moments and excellent content. A little research on the interests of our viewers can offer us a golden chance to win over them. Upgrading giveaways gradually can help us to grow on twitch. I hope this article will help you and offer you complete guidance about making giveaways. 


How can we manage our giveaways? 

We can manage our giveaways by using mods; they can control our giveaways easily. But one should use appropriate methods for the giveaways. 

Do giveaways worth? 

Yes, giveaways are the most effective method to boost up our follower list. They make more subs for us and keep them engaged. 

What can we include in a giveaway? 

One can include anything we want. But make sure it is not that expensive. But most importantly, one must know the interests of your viewers.

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