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TikTok has become a world-famous social media platform with all of the features that any attractive application can have. The filters, the voices, the ideas are really worth entertaining. It is interesting to note that these views are being taught within a few-second video. The engagement rate is really high over there at TikTok because people do not need to watch long videos, they get entertained with cool background music and filters of videos less than sixty seconds!

Now, as we know that TikTok is a great platform for the young generation to seek attention and make a handsome amount of money. The competition has gone way too long, and if you are uploading videos, it’s gonna take an unpredictable time span to get views. There is no one we can blame for that, why we are having these views after that long time, and why we aren’t getting followers? A lot of TikTok users get offended that their competitors and others getting attention but their profiles are still like the very day it was created. In that era, the whole system of video appearance in any kind of social application is based upon AI technology. There are bots or some may say so as algorithms that are set of rules and figures to follow and decide what to rank.

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There is a tab of “Recommended Videos” and it is from where the whole game of ranking begins. Either you’ll be ranked within a few minutes of video uploading, or you won’t be ranked at all. Then, the question arises here what are those metrics on which this amazing stuff is being ranked by these AI-based bots? To be very honest with you, we can never say that there are particular only ways through which we can satisfy all the conditions to get ranked. In fact, it is really a top secret that the TikTok authorities hold from marketing experts. Otherwise, there would be no chance for the new talent to get ranked. But, through deep studies by the marketing experts, we can come to know that we probably have come to know what exactly we can do to be famous on TikTok.

We are about to summarize all that ways in much precise and the best way possible. You read them very carefully and need to take them seriously, because it can literally increase the overall traffic of your TikTok account.

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  1. Moving audio track strategy. As we use TikTok we can get an idea of all the trending audio clips that TikTok stars are using. Rush at them, because this is what people are interested to watch and listen. Make a unique and special video using that song or audio clip. Following the trends sometimes actually works, and it can catapult the user ID from zero to thousands of followers.
  2. Similarly, the trending hashtags will make your video appear in the search results of that same hashtags. Provided that you’ve used all those hashtags that are necessary, trending, and related to your video. You need to do a bit of research, too, so can get a good idea of what actually is circulating throughout TikTok now.
  3. There are different trending challenges, that people may follow and like. Make videos related to modern trends and scripts, it’ll definitely make other people watch if you’ve used those hashtags and trending music.
  4. One of the most effective ways to get engagement and followers is to get help from other TikTok stars. Really, even if you have to pay them to promote your profile, videos, and user ID at their profiles. All those followers that love TikTok star, will find it compelling and make them curious why your content is being promoted? This is how you’ll win more and more followers that will put on hearts if it’s worth liking.
  5. Stay committed. This is something that a lot of beginners forget and overlook. If you really want that much to get succeed on that platform and want to draw public attention, you just need to give that much time too.
  6. Never compromise on the quality of your content, even if you need to upload one video a week! The mistake that 90% of people do here on TikTok, they focus on mere quantity, and quality is what people need. So what happens, eventually people that have followed you already, will start unfollowing you. So, try to be careful of what you create and how you create. When you finally feel that it is what you wanted to create and the way you wanted to create, then upload it.
  7. Try to get social media services like ours. The whole story of that services is to trick bots of TikTok. When you buy anything like views and hearts of TikTok for your videos from us, the bots will rank your video. Because your video is getting viral, doesn’t matter organically or not, it is just being watched and this is what algorithms notice. We have kept prices as much low as we could, so it’s up to you how you want to get succeed.

KickStart wishes you best of luck for your TikTok career and we’ll always be present here to help you out and if you have any questions regarding to our services, we’ll be very happy to help you out of any situation.

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