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Twitch is a premier platform for streamers. Each streamer on Twitch struggles to get more extensive views and target to get followed by the bulk of the audience. Twitch provides multiple options for the streamers to get views and attract people. Verification on Twitch and display of verification badge is one of the most effective methods to engage the audience. Talking about earning money, Twitch is only restricted to few well-known streamers. Twitch has released a new program in which new streamers can grow and make money without having a verified partner. We have often come across the verification badge on Twitch but don’t know what it is and how it works. It is a sign that the streamer is authentic and legitimate. Are you curious about t twitch verification and verification badge, then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to guide you on everything about twitch verification. Let us know what precisely Twitch verification is:

What are twitch verification and verified badge: 

twitch verification badge

Twitch verification is a dream of every streamer who wants to commit a lasting relationship with Twitch. Those who are verified by spasm can earn money through this platform using built-in ad revenue and grant twitch verified badge on his/her profile at the top of the screen. The Twitch verified badge is of a blue circle with the white tick inside showing that you are a verified twitch user. It means that the verified streamer is the affiliate program and is partnered with Twitch. Some other badges, such as VIP badges, show VIP membership, broadcaster’s badge, and staff badge. There is no specific procedure to get verified by Twitch but by being an affiliate and following some basic steps grant us a twitch verification badge. 

How to get verified on Twitch: 

Twitch verification is only granted to partners. To get verified on Twitch, you will have to follow specific criteria: 

twitch steps

Step 1: Becoming a twitch affiliate: 

Before becoming a partnered streamer, you must have to be an affiliate first. For this achievement, you must have to the full fill these requirements: 

  • At least stream for 500 minutes (8 hours) for 30 days. 
  • Stream at least seven different days in 30 days. 
  • Have an average of a minimum of three viewers for 30 days. 
  • You must have 50 followers. 

These requirements can be achieved if you have a larger circle and social media support. 

Step 2: Get partnered status on Twitch: 

After coming up to the standards of twitch affiliate now, you can become a twitch partner by completing the following criteria: 

  • Twenty-five hours stream in the last 30 days to ensure that you are a legitimate streamer dedicated to your audience.
  • Broadcast for 12 different days in the previous 30 days to ensure that you are a regular broadcaster. 
  • At least an average of 75 users views your streams all along these 30 days to ensure that you have more giant number fans and legitimate followers. 

After accomplishing the whole criteria, now you can apply for the twitch verification. The streamer who is partnered with a twitch will automatically receive the twitch verification after applying. Thus, being partnered with Twitch is the milestone for your destination of achieving verified status. 

Tip: After the partnership with a twitch, Twitch can also reject your verification based on the assessment, so before applying, ask twinge about how to increase the chances of becoming an affiliate. During streaming, engage your audience and entertain them. Present the best content according to their interests, be humble and make sure you have a perfect setup for your stream. 

Step 3: Apply for verification: 

After becoming the part of twitch partner milestone, follow these steps to get verified finally: 

  • Sign in to your account using your username and password. 
  • Click on the profile icon present on the top right corner of the screen and select creator dashboard from the dropdown menu. 
  • From the creator, dashboard click on the achievement tab. 
  • From the achievement tab, scroll and select the option named “path to partner.” 
  • If you had completed all the three requirements for becoming a partner, then green ticks will be present in front of each criterion. It shows that you are ready to apply. 
  • Click on the option “apply” to apply for the twitch partner program. 
  • A new form will be opened after clicking. 
  • Fill that form and send the application. 
  • Wait for the twitch response. It will respond to you through an email telling whether your partnership request has been accepted or rejected. 
  • Not all the applications are accepted by Twitch for the partner program, so if you are rejected, then thank them for their time and ask for tips to improve your performance. Then try again. 
  • After becoming a partner, the twitch verification badge will automatically appear with your name on the profile.

How to get a badge: 

If you are partnered with Twitch already, you can add the badge to display on your account from the back-end settings from chat. This will let your viewers know that you are partnered with Twitch.  

Getting twitch verified tips and tricks: 

Not everyone has access to Twitch verified badge, and it is almost impossible, but several most dedicated broadcasters with proficient content can get this badge. While making up the requirements for verification, you must satisfy the quality standards for you and your content that question you as a streamer: 

  • Have you fulfilled the guidelines of the community? 
  • Is your content worthy? 
  • What you present to the twitch community? 
  • How do you interact with viewers, and your behavior is according to twitch morals? 

Many channels with loyal fans can stay as a twitch verified partner for years. 

Tips to get verified and maintain status: 

  • Be sure to use giveaways to reward your followers and cooperate with them. 
  • Include some worthy rewards for your followers as they subscribe to your channel. Loyal fans and subscribers are the most valuable asset. 
  • Choose the game that is difficult to play and strategic and is not widely played by streamers on Twitch. It will make you stand out from the crowd. This thing will grade you as a potential partner to Twitch. 
  • Be humble and interact with your viewers excitingly and make sure that they are enjoying your stream. 
  • Give a proper schedule for your streaming time and what you are going to stream next. It will show your professionalism, and viewers will arrange their timings according to your plan. 
  • Reach out to the well-known streams and keep an eye on their activities, learn from them. And for any suggestion do not hesitate to reach them. 
  •  Struggle Constantly to make your content better and be careful about the terms and conditions of Twitch. 

It should be taken into count that Twitch has 2.2 million streamers with a viewers count of 15 million above, but only 27000 twitch channels are just partnered with Twitch. It shows how difficult it is actually to get verification on Twitch. 

Twitch verification and partner program benefits: 

 As a verified partner on Twitch, you will get the following services:

twitch verified partner


  • After verification, twitch partners can get money from the subscriptions of their followers. The subscriptions cost start from $4.99 to $24.99, with the excellent subscription option. So as many subscribers you have, the more you will earn. Channel emotes up to 50 can also be unlocked, which gives them more chance to make money. 
  • You can get bits from your viewers that they use to cheer for you. Each bit costs 1 cent.
  • Twitch partners can also choose the type and length of ads that can be played on their channel and earn money from them.

Special Features for the growth of channel: 

  • Being a twitch partner, you can customize your channel. You can customize different chat badges for your followers and unlock 50 emote slots according to your total number of subscribers. 
  • The code in front of emotes can also be customized.
  • You can have customized bit badges and cheer motes. 
  • For your chatbot, you can access a lifetime subscription. 
  • You can also have some VOD features after verification. It extends the VOD storage up to 60 days, but the regular affiliate has storage permission for only 14 days. 
  • You can also rebroadcast the past video content and can display new videos to the viewers. 
  • As a partner, the twitch support team helps you with every query. If you log in to your partner account and ask for help, you will get help in one or two business days. 
  • You can create your stream teams by taking partner help. 
  • You can access the activities that are only allowed to partners, such as streamer zones, meet and greet, and more. 
  • You will have an option to adjust the quality of your stream. And you can delay your broadcast up to 15 minutes also. 

How does Twitch verified badge look like: 

The Twitch badge looks like a purple-colored octagon with a white checkmark. In 2017 twitch announced its affiliate program, and in the same year, the badge was introduced. In addition, the partnered status was also presented, that is, the upgradation of affiliate status and milestone to the verification. 

Chat badges in Twitch: 

By purchasing subscriptions through various programs on Twitch, we can badges. These includes: 

  • Turbo user badge: shows that the person is a subscriber of the monthly premier service of Twitch. 
  • Twitch prime user badge: indicates that the person is subscribing to the premium services of Twitch with more benefits. 
  • Cheering chat badges and gift badges: as you support your favorite channel, you get badges of that channel showing that you have kept it. 
  • You can also earn loyalty badges based on the duration you have subscribed to a channel. 

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Getting the Twitch verified status is the aim of numerous streamers, but it is like a mission impossible to complete devotion from the streamer. With millions of active users, Twitch is the leading platform for gamers and other entertainment. And for getting the front lead, it is essential to get verified on Twitch. It not only makes streamers exceptional but gives us many benefits which standard streamers can only dream of. It’s a vital milestone for streamers to earn money. For any content maker, it’s a huge breakthrough to get verified. In the race being on the front page, it is imperative to grow our brand, gain access to the platform’s latest features, and increase the community on Twitch. It is vital to keep growing with continuous momentum. And when you full fill the whole criteria, Twitch will inform you that it’s the best time to become their partner. 


The verified badge gives your channel a new worth and legitimacy by showing your customers that you have acquired all the criteria for streaming matrices. Twitch community helps you to be on top as long as you can present new values to the growing community and impress them with your streams. If you are dedicated to your content and personality, then no doubt you can get the badge in no time. If you follow all the guidelines provided in this article, you will conquer all the milestones to verification. Start prepping from today because getting a partnership on Twitch is not an easy task. You may suffer rejections, but no worries, you will have the chance again, stay devoted. I hope may you become a partner as soon as possible; best of luck. 


What is twitch verification? 

Twitch verifications show that we have acquired all the milestones required to partner on Twitch and give us a verified badge. That tells users our legitimacy and authenticity. We can also make money from it.

How does the twitch verification badge look like? 

The Twitch verification badge is an octagon with purple color. It has a white-colored tick inside it. It is displayed with the profile name. 

How to become a partner on Twitch? 

To get a partnership on Twitch, you must have 25 hours stream, stream on 12 different days, and 70 viewers for the last 30 days. 

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