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Growing your channel on a platform with top streamers and has separate fan base is a very difficult task. And if we talk about followers and views, we need to work very hard to compete with the streamers and provide our viewers our best to divert them from other competitors. But going to the main topic, first, we need to review some important aspects of Twitch.

Twitch is a platform where millions of gamers come to live, share, interact, and entertain. Normally the video games are recognized as unaccompanied consultation for the people who play games, or at the other appealing games played by different teams. But that is not the truth. Now people like watching gamers playing games; this is something that had never happened before. Twitch works on the broadcasting of players playing games and those people who pay for watching those videos.

What is Twitch?

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Twitch is a live streaming platform for video games and broadcast e-sports quests and competitions between different teams. A player can share live streaming of his video games on Twitch, and he can also share his pre-recorded videos of the games played by him. Gamers can watch other’s live streaming, and this service is not accessible to non-gamers. But with millions of its users and online gamers, Twitch stands in the leading position.

A player can interact with the viewers while playing a game via webcam, and he will appear on the corner of the screen; also, viewers can ask questions and comments in the comment box. The audio for a player is enabled; he can explain his strategies and answers the queries via audio commentary.

Through the partnerships with Twitch and subscriptions by viewers, streamers earn money. The live streamer Ninja on Twitch has the highest followers count of above 12 Million, making 0.5 Million Dollars per Month. Twitch is just like people watching their favorite games like football, volleyball, and cricket on YouTube to learn from them. The creative content, live music sessions, food and cooking, arts and crafts, and real-life section in Twitch depict twitch users’ life aspects.

How does Twitch work?

Twitch is accessible through its official website, gaming platforms, and its application which is available on google play store or apple store. We can start live stream via webcam and microphone of our laptop or gaming computer.

On the home page of Twitch, different games are available; from there, one can decide the stream of the specific game to watch. The most popular games streamed on Twitch include league of legends, Dota2, counter strike, PUBG, Hearthstone, GTA vice city, IGI, Player’s unknown battleground, and many more.

Business development of Twitch:

Twitch started as Justin. Tv, which was founded in 2007. Videos of categories were streamed on Justin. Tv. Angle investors invested in Justin. Tv about $7 Million. In 2011 name of Justin. The tv was changed to Twitch. Tv, because its popularity in the gaming category increased. In 2014 Amazon invested in Twitch for $970 million. From 2014 to till now, Twitch has been processing under Amazon independently. The well-known competitors for kink include YouTube, Dailymotion, and upstream. YouTube has also announced a platform for gaming, and it is the most challenging platform against Twitch.

How to Grow on Twitch?

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After knowing about Twitch, you have made a channel. And you have started broadcasting on it but do not have views, and your account is not progressing. Millions of streamers register on Twitch every year, so there is high competition between the streamers aiming for live broadcasting. When a platform has so many top streamers with infinite followers, it’s difficult to grow our channel as a newbie, so it’s okay if someone wants to learn to grow and stand on Twitch. Whenever the question arises in your mind that ” why it is so hard to get viewers and subscribers ?”  no need to worry anymore. We are here to help you increase your views and grow with a different fan base. We will provide all the guidelines necessary for you to start with a great setup.

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Basic tips of how to grow on Twitch:

The first thing we need to do for our channel is a clear schedule with creative content to attract twitch users. Before live broadcasting, one needs to check our gaming and streaming equipment to define our channel settings properly. Note that there will not be any magic formula that you will get your aim in a night. But here are some tips with the help of them you can take grow easily.

Your Aim:

Before starting, it’s very important to clear our aims. Whether your objective is to have fun on Twitch, have fun, and forget about subscribers and views. Then check your natural ability; maybe what you are doing is not according to your skills, and you are doing this for the sake of money and popularity, then it will not be fruitful. So, a boast start is given to you if you have a natural ability for gaming and broadcasting.

For those who are purposefully doing this, then they need a proper plan.

What is your lead:

Look inside you and think why people would appraise and listen to you. When a crowd of thousands is doing the same thing, one should have something different from all. Here are some ideas:

  • You are more talented than every other streamer on Twitch.
  • Your game level is pro; you are playing techniques are most powerful.
  • Your style is not boring, and viewers entertain by your stream the most and learn differently.
  • For a platform like Twitch, one must think differently from others to bring ourselves from bottom to top.

Twitch Profile:

If you will create your channel or it is already created, you still need to complete all of your profile information. Your profile name and description are most important to attract subscribers because nobody will visit a platform with an empty profile and about the statement.

twitch live streaming services

Here are some important things you must set up for your profile:

  • Logo:  make your logo that Pop right away after you create it. Your logo is the first thing that attracts people; it is easy and understandable for the audience.
  • Banner and cover page: your banner should be according to your profile. And one banner should provide information about your social accounts or pages, including your schedule.
  • Biography: think, what makes you different from all the streamers and what skills you have as a streamer, then define yourself most simplistically and shortly.
  • Twitch panels: twitch panels are displayed at the bottom of our channel, and it consists of pictures; their design should also be according to your profile and banner. These three must be consistent with each other.
  • Offline image: when you are not streaming, do not leave your stream black; always display to wait or your schedule of live broadcasting.

Information of streaming and title:

Your title must be unique and short and define its purpose; then, it will urge people to click on it. This is the most important thing to do, and you must describe what you want to show your viewers. You must configure it going from the settings o your account.

Design of channel and stream:

After creating your channel, you will have a wide range of options layout designs for your stream. But if you want your stream to be unique and look different from the other crowd, you must upgrade your layout to attract all the viewers at first glance.

Besides choosing the layout from the given choices of Twitch, one can also hire or pay someone to make a prominent layout for our channel by photoshopping or graphically. Logos, icons, cover pages, and designs are the things that attract the most. And when they are created uniquely, no one can ignore them.


After the establishment of the channel, our next step is equipment. Viewers are more dedicated to the streamer that have the proper equipment desired for a good game. The main focus of every streamer is a god microphone and webcam. Other than them, we can focus on our desktop, keyboard, mouse, and headset for better functionality. It’s not necessary to buy these items costly, but they can make our performance better.

  • Webcam:

Your reactions, handling techniques, how you look, and how you talk to viewers are also the main feature that can attract more subscribers. If we rely only on our voice, then it cannot be helpful for our growth.

  • Microphone:

 One has good video streaming, but our voice is not reaching the viewers and is not clear, then our stream is spoiled fully. Sound volume, clear voice, attractive style are the basics for growth.

  • Isolation of sounds:

The noise of our surroundings can disturb our full streaming. It is preferred to stream with closed windows and doors and better to use voice insulators.

  • Connection:

For a quality experience, our connection should be stable and fast. Using HD video streaming engages best viewers’ growth and helps us to be famous.

Plain and schedule:

Event planning and scheduling is the necessary step to grow our channel. Plain your even and make a schedule for your broadcasting. It will give your viewers an idea of what is coming next, and they can also schedule their living according to a proper timetable. So, this is an excellent procedure to engage more people in your stream.

Plaining is indeed a critical task; plaining what, when, and why must be scheduled considerably. Here are the tips that will help you:

  • Definite aim:  set a proper target for the audience, do some research when your viewers are free, set a time according to your aimed audience. Whether you are targeting children, teens, or adults, everyone has his own time. For example, those people who have jobs are mostly free on weekends. So, one must target the larger crowd.
  • Regional aim:  schedule of the proper time attracts our viewers. If you are setting an adequate timing schedule, it must be possible most of the people in your time zone may have the same timings. So, one must be aware of the timings of different regions.
  • Stream aim:  streaming again and again, and every time you rush, you should come up with a new idea. It engages more users. So, one must schedule when to stream and how much time to spend on the stream. Besides streaming 3 to 4 hours daily, streaming 3 to 4 days a week is enough. It saves us from fatigue and brings us ease.

Content plan:

You have a proper plan and strategy content for each stream help differently. For example, if we have appropriate wordings and phrases written down for a video, it would be easy for you to engage more and more viewers with the sugar coating.

Three important steps for growth:

Once a proper channel is established, with the most intriguing content and designs that make viewers curious about you, the next step is to urge them to be our followers and view our streaming regularly. Here are some guiding steps for efficient and rapid growth.

key points for twitch
  • Views:

The question is how one can get more views while broadcasting. Broadcasting regularly and continuously is a work that demands physical and mental interaction. For that purpose, take yourself as a viewer and think, if you were in their place, what would you like to view. Think of them as your customer, and you are the dealer; they will only see what you present and what you have. React according to their demands and fulfill their standards. Some important points are given below:

  • Tags and category setup:

Set up a label and for your broadcast. When people search with the tags, they are directed to those players and streamers who have used those tags in their broadcast. So, while making up your category tags are the essential thing, one should care first.

  • Titles for streaming:

A proper title defines what you will present, so our streaming title must be eye-catching; by setting up the highest searched keyword and using it in your information and title, you will be on the top list of viewers.

  • Colors:

Colors bring a mysterious power for attracting viewers. A well-designed and proper colored theme is an eye-opener. Most of the paints like dark blue, dark red, brown, royal purple and black all have proved an increase in the sales. Designing a proper layout with the most efficient and eye-catching color one can increase our growth on Twitch.


The next worry is how people will become our followers. And most importantly, how to get followers in a short period. If we talk about getting followers in a long period, it is easy and easily achievable if we stream efficiently and regularly. But for now, our aim to get followers in a short period.

It can be achievable by creating a simple and smooth atmosphere. Where people can easily listen to you, respond to you, and get their answers from you quickly. Do not be rude and serious during broadcasting; always be entertaining and friendly, but unique and exemplary. There are many things to do besides smiling on the camera while streaming:

  1. Interaction with the viewers:  talk to your viewers, ask them questions, and answer their questions. Make a friendly atmosphere where they can interact with you easily.

Involvement of audience:  involve the audience while streaming; for example, if you are playing Dota 2 and got stuck, ask them what to do, take their reviews, and appreciate them. In this way, they will like you more, and you have the possibility of getting more followers.

  • Making friends:  you cannot rely on yourself to boost your streaming. Make friends and watch other’s streaming too. Keep an eye on the person who has the highest followers count, follow him, check how he is doing, and improve yourself to stand above him. No one is superior from the start; everyone starts from the bottom and grows up. So, learn and stream at the same time.


After followers and views, the myth of the growth journey ends at subscribers. How one can get subscribers on Twitch. In Twitch, a subscriber is a person who pays for us. Although getting subscribers is a difficult task but not impossible. Here are some guidelines to make more followers:

  • Introduce your followers to some awards for a subscription. For example, badges are the new feature of Twitch that you can give badges to your followers, and that badge appears on their profile. Playing and singing with them on live streams is also a golden point that can urge them to be our subscribers.
  • Competing with the other subscribers and streamers ends up giving us a huge reward. That reward can be an Amazon gift card, voucher, or any product and opportunity. This tactic provides many benefits and attracts more subscribers because they search for them on services in subscribing to us. And in return, they give us profit.

Fastest methods for the growth of Twitch:

Besides Twitch’s platform, one can grow our twitch channel using the most simple and less time-consuming ways. Here are the examples that help us to grow differently:

Promotion on social media:

Promoting ourselves on social media is the most beneficial approach in terms of getting followers and subscribers. Making an account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you can upload your streaming videos and post your live streaming schedule. In this way, more people will know about you and have more chances of getting viewed. It is the key to the gold of Twitch. Also, there are many ad posting websites; you can also pay for your ads to be posted on different platforms.


The less time-consuming, most safe, and easy approach for the growth on Twitch is co-streaming or raiding. In raiding, you can give your viewership to another streamer with a type of code word. Co-streaming includes streaming with another player or streamer. Both streams at the same time with one another, and more people are likely to know them.

The subscribers and followers of one streamer can follow the other streamer and increase his followers and subscriptions.

No to do the things while growing twitch channel:

As we have learned about how to succeed on Twitch, there are many things one should be careful while doing because they can destruct our whole efforts.

Bots for viewing:

Bots are the software that creates fake accounts and makes them view our streams, but we can be banned from Twitch if they are detected.

Fake followers:

To increase our followers, we can buy them or pay someone to subscribe to us, but the bot’s system also creates this method and, once detected, results in banning our account. Also, if we get any real followers by paying them, they will not view our broadcast regularly and degrade our channel.


Begging for the subscription and asking people repeatedly to follow and view your streaming is the thing one should reject. It will ruin your image, and those who want to sponsor you will take their hands back on you.

Next steps for growth on Twitch:

After having subscriptions and becoming popular on Twitch, one can continue our journey by acting upon all the tips described above. But for becoming a big streamer on Twitch, one can become their affiliate or partner.

Final words:

No one is born with the silver spoon, and on the platforms like Twitch which has millions of users and streamers, it isn’t easy to make ourselves a known personality. It needs a perfect startup and patience, and by acting upon all the tips and tricks described above, one can become a successful streamer after a short period.


When can one get subscribers on Twitch?

For subscribers, one must have a broadcast of 90 days on Twitch. And have not violated twitch privacy and rules these days.

How long will it take to get 1000 subscribers?

One can get 1000 followers in two weeks and 100 subscribers in six months.

Is it hard to get viewers?

One should stream during the most proper time when most of the people are free. By doing this, it will not be hard to get viewers.

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