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Once we have made our channel and have earned some followers, we might join or make the team on twitch. As a new streamer, it is challenging to attract viewers and view our content and follow us. One most helpful thing to grow our streams is making a network and interacting with other streamers who are just like us and want to grow their channel. Twitch teams help us to be well known and have a front lead. It’s straightforward to get hand in hand with our partners and grow by helping each other. This article will explain what twitch team is, how to make them, their purposes, pros, and cons. Firstly one should know what precisely a twitch team is,

What is the Twitch team: 

Twitch has a feature named twitch teams that allow the streamers to work together with the same gaming interests, showing people working for the same streaming community. They have the same mindset, aims, and same gaming interests. Streamers mostly input the name of their team underneath the title of the game they are playing. Some streamers show their teams, but some of them make videos and podcasts together. They have a unique name for their team and help each other for the growth of their channel. 

Creating a team or joining it is an excellent method to interact with other streamers who have identical views. For example, the official teams of twitch have a unique URL that displays the team’s information, aims, and members. 

How twitch teams help in growth on twitch: 

If you join a team to have a team name below its streams, it will not help you. But if you have interacted with the team members, they can help you bring more attractive raids for you. And they can like and watch your stream and bring a more engaging chat experience. 

The fastest track for success on twitch is joining a team. The same as the players play in physical teams, they interact, communicate, and take their team to success. 

Finding a team on twitch:

finding twitch team

After knowing what teams on twitch are, now it’s time to know how to find a good team on twitch. Looking into the stream you run, the first thing to do is find teams with the same ideas and aims you share. You can also join your favorite streamers’ teams or find the most trending teams on their websites and through Reddit. Follow the streamers who post the same content as you and play the same game. Grow your relationship with them and become a team partner with them. This will lead you to a dream team. 

How to create a twitch team: 

For creating a twitch, it is necessary to have a partner status or stay connected to the one you want to have a team with. It is essential to know that partners can only have two team requests. 

Here are some steps to create a team on twitch: 

  • Send a request for the creation of a team from the contact panel on twitch. And email your team name, its abbreviations, and its URL to the twitch support team. 
  • Choose the account of the team member who will lead the team page. Only one person can lead and edit the team page, whether you choose yourself or someone highly efficient than you. 
  • Invite others: After getting the notification for the approval of the team request. Now invite others to join your team; after approvement, you can edit and log in to the team page. 

Making the team on twitch without a partner: 

team without partner

Want to have a specific team but don’t have a status to partner, here are some methods to help you: 

  • Search for the streamers who are looking for partners through social media accounts. Join a group named twitch streamers and networking; this is the best group on twitch that can help you get your partner. It has several streamers who are partnered with it. 
  • Search for the partners on Reddit. Many of the twitch streamers post on Reddit daily. You will indeed find someone who needs partnership. Approach him and made him your partner to create a team. 
  • Offer your favorite streamers to be their partner. Offer them your services as a team manager and set up for the team page, then you will have a chance to be partnered with them. 

How to join a twitch team: 

Once you have contacted the team member you want to join, tell them what services you can offer and what values you can add to their team. Then, try to have a chat with the leader of the team and convince him. If he rejects you, then ask for a suggestion, how you can improve. And if he accepts you to join his team, then follow the following instructions to join: 

  • Log in to your account either from the web or application by using your username and password. 
  • Click on the profile icon present on the top right corner of the twitch. 
  • Select the option named as settings. 
  • There will be an option named “channels and settings” click on that option from the settings. 
  • From their scroll and find the section named “my teams.”
  • There will receive an invitation from the team admin; click accept on the invitation. 
  • You have joined the team; now start streaming through your team. 

Creating vs. joining a team: 

There are pros and cons of both joining and creating a team. For example, if you are the team’s admin, you will have to set the standards for your team, interact with each team member, and implement your team’s branding goals. On the other hand, you are also the in-charge of other team activities, so by any chance, if the team members cause disputes and any other issue related to the team, then the penalty will be on only one person, that is you. 

While if you lack leadership qualities or don’t have time to spend on a team as an admin, join any team and enjoy its benefits. 

How to make changes to the twitch team: 

Sometimes we need to do changes in the team; maybe you want to edit its page or remove some members of the team who are hindering the team performance. Here are the steps how you can make changes to the team: 

  • Log into your twitch account using your username and password. 
  • Click on the profile on the upper right corner of the screen and select the settings option. 
  • From settings, select channels, and videos from the dropdown menu. 
  • There you will find an option name “my teams” after scrolling downward. 
  • Click on the name of the team you want to make changes to. 
  • And select the edit option from there to approach the dashboard. 
  • Make the necessary changes you want to do. 

It will allow you to remove any other streamer; if two streamers are streaming simultaneously, you can choose who should appear on the main page of the event. You can also change the name, description, and profile, or graphics of the team page. 

How to get members on your twitch team: 

It is very tragic to get members for your team. Once you have created your team but lacking your team members to grow your channel and team, then follow these steps to achieve your goal: 

  • Ask your friends who are on twitch to join your channel. 
  • Make a post on Facebook with your team URL and offer people to join your team.
  • On the bio of your channel, tell others about your team. 
  • Tell your viewers about your channel and ask them to join you. 
  • You can also choose people one by one or offer them to apply on a team. 
  • But for recruiting members, one by one will take time. So before creating a team, first learn to collaborate with others. 

How to leave a twitch team: 

It sometimes happens that you have joined a team randomly and found out about your taste. Or, after joining the team, it did not work out for you. They are not helping you out and are too strict, and demands more things from you. Then it’s effortless to leave that kind of teams: 

  • Sign in to your account using your username and password. 
  • Click on the profile avatar present on the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Select the settings option from the dropdown menu of the profile. 
  • From settings, select option “channels, and videos.”
  • A select option named as my “my teams.” 
  • Click the remove option from there to leave the team. 

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How should be invited as a member of the team: 

Work together with the persons who come up to your team’s standards and those who want to work with you. Of course, there are other things one should look for inviting a streamer other than quality entertainers. Here are some points you should consider before inviting: 

  • Make sure your team is unified. Invite those streamers who post the same content and play the same games. It would be easy for all the members to work together and share strategies. 
  • Make sure to select those people who are working continuously to boast up their channel. Who streams consistently on the specific days of the week. 
  • Select those who have the same interests but different skills; for example, if they play DOTA 2, their strategies for playing the games should be different; if one is a leading player, the other should be a defensive player. 
  • Be assured about the values of your team. Please bring all team members on the same platform, regardless of their social status, religion, casts, etc. 

What events should be hosted as a twitch team: 

You can host the event based on the team. People will interact more with the team members because each team member has a separate fan base. 

Here are some events you should host:

  • Mini tournaments: host mini tournaments by splitting your team. Promote your hosting stream on Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram. And ask your team members to do the same. After the end of the stream, reward any giveaway to your regular viewer. 
  • Multistreaming: ask your team members for collaboration on streaming. You are streaming some members together, at the same screen and time, and playing games with each other. It will engage the interest of viewers. 
  • Hosting:  when the team members are online, ask other team members to host them or raid them. 
  • Team meetings:  hold regular team meetings to discuss ideas and new plans for the future. 

Name of twitch team: 

The team’s name is the main thing that attracts others to be a part of your team. While choosing your team, make sure to choose a name that resonates. And make people curious to visit your team page. Express the main aim of your team through your team name. Depending upon your main goal, select the best graphics and make your team name brandable. 


A good twitch team can boast up our career in streaming in a significantly shorter period. But it requires time and collaboration of each member of the team. Twitch provides numerous options to grow on it, but it is what we choose to grow. If you join teams carefully according to the points discussed, then it is sure you get its outcome. It needs devotion and hard work to be in a team, and careful selection is essential. 


For those new to streaming, teams help them collaborate, excel in content, and build the community to grow their channels. You can exchange your thoughts and think differently by taking the ideas from others. I hope this article has helped you in the right direct direction. 


Can we join multiple teams on twitch? 

As a partner, you can only make two teams. But if you are a member of other teams, then you can join multiple teams. 

What steps are required for making the team? 

There are two steps required to accomplish before creating the team, first to be an affiliate and second to be a partner. 

Should I join a team on twitch or create it? 

If you have leadership qualities and can manage your team members, have affiliates and partners, and want to grow your Twitch channel, then yes, creating a twitch team is the right option for you.

If you don’t have time to manage the team and lack leadership, want the support of your teammates, and collaborate with others to achieve your goals, then yes, you should join a team.

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