how to use tiktok?

TikTok has made things really easy for users that are new to the entertainment world. Initially, it was quite a big deal to edit videos and make them really entertaining. It took people so long that people sometimes got fed up about editing their clips. After the creation of TikTok, now people can simply edit their videos while recording their videos! Yes, everything will be done by the application, what you need to do is simply record your video after choosing the effects. Don’t worry, we are about to elaborate each and every step for you very clearly and you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of the application usage. Before that we want to make that clear, the application will need a few permissions to start working properly and we recommend giving the access.

steps to follow at tiktok

You’ll need to give access to your camera, contacts, microphone, and gallery. In that way, TikTok will use your phone camera to record videos, and gallery to save videos, over there. The whole process of video recording, editing, and saving is being done by the application, what you need to do is to direct and command the way you want things to be done. So, let’s start from the very beginning step-by-step,

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  1. Go to PlayStore, install TikTok, and sign up either from Facebook or Google account. We always recommend Google account usage, because it is highly private and accessible. Facebook nowadays is lacking trust as losing data of users most of the time.
  2. After signing up, you’ll start seeing a timeline or list of videos that you can scroll upwards or downwards. These are the videos that other users of TikTok are uploading and letting other users from all over the world watch and place hearts on them.
  3. You can like, share, comment, and view the videos freely unless these videos are public by the concerned user. Always remember to keep comments with the policy guidelines of TikTok. Any unethical or offensive language may suspend your account forever.
  4. But, you want to upload your own video clips, too, right? Why not! What you need to is to first make a few choices. What audio clip that you want to use in your clips and what effects, filters you want to apply?
  5. Let’s suppose, you liked a video of any user or a TikTok star and want to use the same audio clip, that was used by the other one. Under every video clip, you’ll be able to see the name of the song or dialogue and by clicking on it, TikTok allows you to record a video clip. This is how your audio clip will be selected, and the first step to creating the video will be fulfilled.
  6. Then, using that audio, start recording yourself using the camera of your phone (make sure you’ve given access to your phone camera to TikTok). We always recommend using the front camera, since it allows you to see the clip being recorded.
  7. As you’ll record the video, try to synchronize your lips with the dialogue or the song, as it makes things look natural and engaging. Here is a tip: Use such audio clips that are trending and being used by TikTok stars, that is key to get ranked.
  8. Once you are done with recording videos and you finally get the shot that you think is perfect, let’s move to the filer application steps. As you’ll proceed, you’ll see different effects that you can use in your video, like blur effect, etc.
  9. Try to be very conscious at choosing those effects, since they are the most important part of any video that can make others like or dislike your video. You can also use the same effects as the other user has used (there’ll be no copyright strike :).
  10. Filters play an important role to make you look clear and attractive during the whole video. According to the illumination and the light presence, you can decide which filter would be the best to apply. Don’t make it too bright otherwise it’ll look really unnatural and artificial.
  11. After the whole video creation process, you are ready to launch it. Before doing that, make a good hard look at your video again that everything is okay or not. If it is uploaded once, you will not be able to edit it again.
  12. After choosing a specific audience or making it public for others, you can share that video on other social media accounts, too. By doing that, you’ll capture more audience and it’ll increase the engagement rate of your video.

TikTok is a worldwide platform, in which every second young boy and girl is giving it a try. Definitely, you’ll find it a bit difficult and competitive field at first, but we know that you can do this and you’ll do this. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, if you enjoy making videos you’ll be less worried about the attention. We strongly recommend hiring professionals if you want your videos to build hype and give hard time to your competitors. Thanks for visiting us 🙂

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