youtube monetization guidelines

YouTube Monetization

YouTube is now one of the biggest sources of information, entertainment, news, and learning. The day it was released out, was the day of revolution for the people all around the world. The most interesting thing is that this social media platform is absolutely free. No matter who you are, either poor or rich, you just need an internet connection to access all the content on YouTube. Another interesting fact is that it is very easy to use and even people having less technical knowledge can use it freely. That application has changed many lives just because of its monetization factor.

It means, not only YouTube is free to use, but it has also given an opportunity to people to earn from it. Depending on the audience, people have made handsome income just by becoming YouTubers. In the past, the artists had to convince cruel producers. Most of the directors were absolutely arrogant, and it was quite difficult to get a job. In short, overall the talent was being wasted, because of fewer opportunities. But, that platform has helped such talents to prove to the world through creating amazing videos. Yes, by uploading great content, users have made great recognition and wealth.

youtube ads video earn money

But, the question here is, how to earn through YouTube? The process is really simple and can be very fast if you want. Firstly, using your Gmail ID, you need to make a YouTube channel. Then start sharing the videos that you’ve created. In the YouTube studio tool, you will need to make a few settings to monetize your channel. The terminology monetization regards allowing Google Ads in your video, and you’ll be rewarded for & every ad that’ll appear in your video. That monetization process is a bit adventurous, but not too difficult. You just need to follow the given steps to monetize your channel,

  1. Firstly, visit the YouTube Studio tool and click on the monetization tab.
  2. Then enable monetization of channel
  3. You have to accept all the terms and conditions in order to monetize that channel.
  4. Your channel will be reviewed by Google AdSense (that process may take a few days)
  5. If your channel would be eligible for monetization, Ads will automatically start appearing in your videos.
  6. The earning status will be visible in your AdSense account, showing all the details of Ads impressions, clicks, and views, etc.
  7. Before monetization, you should take the following things into account.

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YouTube Monetization Eligibility Criteria

YouTube strictly follows all the guidelines on the part of its monetization policies. No matter how big and famous a YouTuber is, if these guidelines are being neglected, the channel can be demonetized. The point is, you should be very careful to follow all the instructions that are given below to run ads and earn from them.

youtube monetization
  1. First of all, your channel must have a reach of 1000 subscribers. It does not matter how you are going to get them, you need to do good marketing in order to achieve that goal.
  2. Your channel must have overall 4000 watch hours of engagement. It means, that users must have watched your content for over 4000 hours.
  3. The channel must have an overall 1000 view count, at least.
  4. Make sure to avoid any copyrighted content in your videos. The artificial technology automatically detects any copied content and makes your channel ineligible for showing ads.
  5. Any adultery, unethical, offensive, suicidal, use of the substance and promotion of controversial content is not allowed, at all!
  6. Last but not least, the whole video content should be yours, or you have permission from the third parties to use their material.