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Twitch is a vast platform that includes numerous streamers and broadcasters. We can follow the number of streamers we like. But our likes and dislikes indeed go on changing. It is possible that the video and streamer we like at the instance, after some time we don’t like him and ignore his/her videos. It’s time to unfollow that streamer. When we realize that we are not watching the videos related to the streamers we have followed, that may be the right time to wipe them out. This article will tell you out how to unfollow someone either through mobile or desktop. 

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Firstly a short introduction what is Twitch exactly: 

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video game streaming platform that broadcasts e-sports tasks and competitions between different teams. Players can share real-time streams of their video games on Twitch, or they can share recorded videos of the games they play. Players can watch other people’s live videos, but non-players cannot use this service. However, with the emergence of millions of online users and players, Twitch is at the forefront. The player can interact with the audience through the webcam. And displayed in the corner of the screen, viewers can also ask questions and comments in the comment box. Include the player’s audio; you can use audio words to explain your strategy and answer questions.

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How does Twitch work?

We can live stream our games through the webcam and microphone of our laptop. Twitch offers a variety of games. One can follow various streamers and channels; we like to have their updates and watch their videos regularly. We can also unfollow them if we don’t find them interesting.

How to unfollow someone using a computer: 

If you want to unfollow someone on Twitch using the desktop, then follow these steps: 

  • Head to the twitch website and sign in to your account. 
  • Go to your list of channels and scroll, find the track you want to unfollow. 
  • Bring the mouse cursor to that channel and click on the green heart present on the left side of the bottom of it. The heart will turn red and broken. This shows that you have unfollowed someone. 
  • Another method of unfollowing any channel is simply visiting it. On the track, a heart will be present besides the subscription button. You need to press that heart. 

What if you have changed your mind: 

You have unfollowed someone and want to follow them back. No worries, go to their channel and click on the follow button with the heart. After clicking, the following will disappear, and the heart will be filled. You can always follow someone again after unfollowing them. If you have unfollowed a big streamer, he might not have noticed that; even if it was not a big streamer, it’s a possibility that he might not have considered that also because Twitch does not notify any streamer that you have unfollowed them. 

How to unfollow someone using mobile:

twitch unfollow using mobile

Open the twitch app from your mobile. Sign in to your account by providing a username and password if you are not signed in already. Now follow these steps to unfollow someone on the twitch application:

  • Now tap on the following button on the bottom left of your phone screen and start scrolling to find the channel you want to unfollow.
  • Search in the live and offline channels both to find the channel. If you are not successful in finding the channel, you can enter the channel name into the search bar and search for it.
  • Every channel you follow, a heart icon will be visible on the top right of that channel. It shows that you are following that person. 
  • Now, if the channel is not live, then scroll on the channel to the right and click on the icon of heart. After clicking, it will ask whether you want to unfollow the channel, then press yes to unfollow.
  • If the channel is live streaming, you won’t find any heart icon on the screen to unfollow. To see the heart icon, click on the screen where streaming is visible; a heart icon will appear temporarily below. Once it’s visible, click on the heart icon, and it will ask whether you want to unfollow; select yes to unfollow the channel. 

What if you have changed your mind:

 If you have changed your mind and want to follow that channel again, you have unfollowed once. That is not a big deal. Just like the desktop, you can search for the channel you want to follow and click on the follow button present with the heart icon. That heart will be filled, and follow will be removed. That will show you have followed someone. And the streamers will never know that you had unfollowed them once. 

Why do people unfollow on Twitch: 

There can be various reasons why people unfollow someone on Twitch; here is a list of reasons: 

  • The streamer or broadcaster changes the schedule, and the views can’t match his timetable with that schedule. As a result, he eventually unfollows him. 
  • Maybe the user is not enjoying the videos of the streamer. Because people have their views and ideas, it is possible that the vision of the streamer does not seem to be interesting to them. 
  • The gaming style of the streamer does not seem interesting and adventurous to the viewers. 
  • The talking and responding style of the streamer is bothering you, so you unfollow them. And the streamer does not connect directly to the views and has very less engagement with the people, also a cause for their unfollowing.
  • You want to approach the streamer, but he/she does not respond to you because of the density of followers. 
  • The streamer we are following may have followed us first. When they unfollow, we, in return, if we get to know that they have unfollowed us, unfollow them. 


Twitch is a vast platform where every day, millions of viewers follow and unfollow different streamers. We unfollowed someone when they gave us a reason for that. Or maybe our mood swings. Unfollowing someone on Twitch via desktop and through mobile has different procedures. In the past, there was a proper button visible on the screen for following and unfollowing. But nowadays, people are confused with the heart icons. We provide an easy guide for them to understand how to unfollow someone on Twitch. 

Final words:

All the methods on pc and mobile are described in this article on how to unfollow someone on Twitch. I hope that this article will be helpful to you in unfollowing someone and you will appreciate us.


How does the dark heart look on Twitch? 

For following, it is present in green color with the following option. And for unfollowing, it is filled, green heart.

Where does unfollow option present on Twitch?

It is present on the right corner of the video or from the channel list. After scrolling left, it appears in the shape of the heart.

How will we get to know that we have unfollowed someone?

When you click on the heart, the heart will break. This shows that you have unfollowed them. 

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