Instagram complete guide

What is Instagram?

instagram basics

In this new era, where social media is really of great influence in the world, Instagram has its a top place. Initially, it was not owned by Mark Zuckerberg. But as time passed after its creation, the application got billions of users worldwide. That thing, eventually, was a problem for Facebook, as it was stealing the audience’s attention. From that day onwards, Instagram is now also owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who is considered the world’s youngest billionaires. So, now one may think that what actually is so much special in that application that is proved to be very time killing and anti-boredom?

Instagram is basically a photo-sharing platform. It is where people upload their photos and other users react over it, through liking, sharing, and commenting. Not only people, but one can also make pages for a specific niche, like poetry, motivational quotes, educational purpose, and business promotion. The whole use of Instagram is really simple and the vast majority of people opine that they do not need to have the technical knowledge to use that. After it was launched in October 2010, it was completely free, where users can follow and unfollow people they like or dislike. Likewise, due to its reputation, celebrities from all over the world created their accounts and this is how Instagram built the hype.

Insta is free

Process To Make An Instagram Account

Now, the whole process for Instagram is being described in steps, kindly follow them carefully,

  1. First things first, go to Playstore and download the application of Instagram on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  2. You’ll be asked for a few permissions after your application would be installed. Give all those permissions, like, to your gallery (so you can share your videos/photos), & to your location (so you may get recommendations depending on your location), etc.
  3. Then sign up using your Google or Facebook account to have a unique user ID. You can also use your phone number or any other email ID, which will be verified first.
  4. After that, you’ll start seeing recommendations of different people nearby, and celebrities of your territory.
  5. There comes the concept of feed. Whosoever you’ll follow, their pictures, videos will appear in your timeline, where you can also like them and post nice comments on their posts. Remember, it’s okay not to like something, but never post vulgar comments because it is against Instagram Policies which will suspend your account, above all they are humans.
  6. Finally, if you also want to share your videos or pictures, you can click on the plus button, in the bottom bar. You can apply different filters and few touchups before uploading it, to make sure the picture looks attractive.

Why use Instagram?

How Insta is Important?

Like we talked before, Instagram has a lot of users worldwide. It has proved to be very entertaining and above all we can easily get to know about what’s going on in the world. Yes, it is one of the most effective means of news in the world. Your friends, relatives that are far away can be in contact with you. It may sound a bit ridiculous but now a user feels satisfied merely by watching photos that they are doing well.

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Most importantly, now Instagram is a big source of marketing for any kind of business. Yes, it allows users to run paid Ads in any specific region to build hype for their business. Instagram has the data of each every user’s interest and their area they live. So, when any company runs Ads, through artificial intelligence, Instagram shows Ads in a way that can be way more intriguing.

If you are a photographer, then for real, Instagram can be a life changing application for you. Because people can earn money if they achieve good amount of followers. Photographers that have grabbed attention through their amazing skills and earned a lot.

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